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Alicante, the unquestionable and definitive City of Light…Mount Benacantil, as it is now known, is the great visual reference, in this case the natural landmark. The Arab culture left behind a host of beautiful monuments in this area.

Standing strategically on the coastline at the centre of a wide bay, Alicante opens out onto the Mediterranean, the quintessential sea of cultures. Alicante, with its constant presence over the city is an inescapable visual landmark, the fort that crowns it, Santa Barbara castle, brings historical substance. Built over several centuries, Santa Bárbara castle is the repositary of the passage through Alicante of Iberians, Carthaginians, Romans, Muslims, Castilians and Aragonese, the siege by the French and English, en encounters -and even disagreements between the Spanish themselves.

The famous Paseo de la Explanada or Promenade, a mosaic walkway made with 5 million marble pieces, we can take a relaxes stroll with the view of hundreds of yachts bobbing alongside other craft moored at the pontoons of the marina. The figure of Icarus with a surfboard under his arm appears to come gliding over the water, ready to surf a sea of classical and modern-day mythology which has come to form part of our city, its uses and customs.

The views in Alicante are a complex and atractive interplay of proportions, viewing points and light. The Postiguet, the city’s beach par excellence and one of Spain’s most famous urban beaches.

La Rambla, the commercial thoroughfare, a huge and lively urban hall and the gateway to enter the leisure area of the historic centre.