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Venamicasa offers the following programs to lovers of Spain, Spanish language and Spanish culture: 

                         The International Access Course (PAU). What is PAU? 

                         Erasmus Program. What is Erasmus?

Venamicasa provides Spain Homestay with Spanish host family in Madrid, Barcelona,   Valencia   and   Sevilla throughout the year.

The Venamicasa team works hard to ensure that our guests stay in safe homes and have peace of mind to enjoy their stay in Spain.

To book your homestay with a Spanish host family, you  can use our Enquiry Form

  • Enriching cultural experiences: Cultural trips, Spanish cookery, Festivals, cultural activities, Flamenco, Spanish at home, Summer Homestay Programs, International meetings and events.  

With Venamicasa, you have the opportunity to:

  • Spend little to discover Spain and Spanish culture.
  • Experience the real Spanish way of life living in Spain.
  • Participate in the Spanish customs, traditions and festivals.
  • Taste Spanish food and delights prepared by your host family.
  • Study at the prestigious Universidad Politecnica de Valencia.

Why choose Venamicasa? Venamicasa guarantees that you have:

  • Best value for money: You pay the cheapest rates for a very good Homestay service.
  • Really fun program: You enjoy living with our Spanish Host Families.
  • Memorable experiences: You discover places not in guidebooks.
  • Best Spanish host family homestays: You stay with good people, nice and safe neighborhoods, excellent houses.
  • Personalised service: You can reach us 24h a day.
  • 100% satisfaction: You are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Venamicasa works with the same Host Families since 2003 which represents a full guarantee and confidence in our Homestay services.

          We are a small-profit and well-known  company since 2003.

Venamicasa works in very close partnership with the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (UPV), ESIC Business and Marketing School in Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla, Momoyama Gakuin University in Osaka (Japan), and many other public and private Schools and Universities interested in the Spanish Language, Spanish Culture, festivals, habits and traditions living with Spanish Families to offer you an enriching cultural experience in our beautiful Country.