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In one of the environmental conditions appropriate for growing grapes, the work of winegrowers, winemakers and oenologists has come together to turn this land into one of the most important regions in the Mediterranean area.

The grape varieties of Tempranillo, Garnacha, shark, Malvasia, Merseguera, Macabeo and Moscatel, varieties native to this area not acclimatize well in other areas of Spain, produce very distinctive wines which afford renown to the wine creating the Denominaciones de Origen (designation of origin) are representative of an autonomous region. The different processes applied to the wines, together with the way they are commercialised on the market, as Vignerons, crianza, reserva or gran reserva, have a worldwide reputation that has turned the wines into a model for production and exports.

All this reputation has incorporated a typically Mediterranean crop into the farming landscape. The area wines Designation of Origin Valencia, Utiel-Requena offer unique landscapes of vineyards and wines, champagnes and spirits and offer visitors a wealth of extraordinary sensations to visit the vineyards and taste their wines in their own cellars.

Venamicasa suggest you the following itineraries to enjoy the landscapes of vineyards, good wines and wineries, all with designation of origin and winners among the best in Spain and the world.




    Artisan winemaking and ageing processes, their cavas have won a long list of awards at international level. Is a wine cellar which is recognised worldwide. Founded in 1897 More than 100 years dedicated to the production and ageing of wines. In 1981, the cellar starts the production of Cava.
    Started of as a small family winery, and as the years have gone by has grown to be one of the largest producers of Wine and Cava in the area. In the year 2005, Torre Oria produced and sold more than 1 million Bottles of Cava.

    The visit starts in the palace-house of the wine cellar which was built in the early 1900’s by Jose Donderis, a famous architect at that time. The guide starts the tour with a brief introduction of the history of the wine cellar from the foundation to the present. The guide then explains the production process of cava, from the careful selection of the grapes to labelling of the final product.

    The tour then consists of a visit to the installations. The house, production room, Cava tunnels, caves, wine barrels wooden ware house. After the visits we offer a tasting of wine and cava. The cellar also has a wine boutique for the visitors to buy our products.


    The Hoya de Cadenas Estate is an eco-paradise just 100 Km from the city of Valencia. The estate boasts over 200 hectares of the finest local and international vine varieties. Its situation on the slopes of the Sierra de la Bicuerca affords a particular micro-climate with temperature variations from day to night which give the grapes their own special characteristics and encourages the accumulation of highly valued polyphenols.

    Barrel Cellar: Located on the vineyards, the underground cask cellar today holds 15,000 selected oak casks and, with an area of 4000 m2, is the largest wine cellar in the Community of Valencia. All the casks are of 225 litre capacity and come from Missouri (USA) or the forests of Allier (France).

    The blending of varieties is an art in itself, so we use oak from different countries and with different types of toasting to produce highly expressive, complex wines to delight all the senses.

    A complete tour of the winery rounded off with a more extensive tasting led by an oenologist:

    * Wine train.
    * Tour of Hoya de Cadenas Estate and old cellars.
    * Visit to the wine-making room.
    * Visit to cask room.
    * Tasting 6 of our finest wines plus cava, led by an oenologist.
    * Opportunity to buy their products in the Wine Shop.


Unesco awards in Valencian Community