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All what you need to live and enjoy of an enriching cultural experience in Spain


Since the establishment in 2003 of Venamicasa, the experience acquired over the years has led us to realize those activities that all students and teachers who visit Spain want to know. A selection of authentic cultural treasures some very popular, but most of them are genuine and different allowing the students to enjoy themselves while learning and reflect the daily life and customs that only the natives know.

Cultural activities and workshops Venamicasa offers are a selection of the best and most representative and genuine in Castilla-La Mancha.

The essence of the Quixote Route.Walk the essence of the famous and universal knight, where you will meet the cradle, writing, adventure and love of Don Quixote.
The Windmills of La Mancha.Consuegra, Campo de Criptana and Alcazar de San Juan. Cities nearby one to each other. The essence of Don Quiote's Spain with its ridge above the town topped by a line of white windmills.
The Cave HousesCave dwellings where many families lived in a cave since Arab times in the 8th century.
The Saffron MuseumTo lear being one amazed of the extraordinary process of cultivation, from the field to the home kitchen
Las Lagunas de RiuderaThe Lagunas de Ruidera is considered one of the most interesting and beautiful wet natural areas of the Peninsula with about 15 lakes connected by falls, rivers and underground water.
Belmonte CastleMagnificent 15th century castle which is a mix of Gothic and Mudejar (Moorish) in style. The castle is an unusual shape - it is pentagonal and has six round towers - and has a triangular courtyard. Inside the castle are carved ceilings and decorative Mudejar-style plasterwork.
Patios of La Mancha in the city of Consuegra.Dated from 1900, beautiful and unique.
Casa Museo del HidalgoDiscover the life of the gentelman in Quixote ages visiting its house-museum in Alcazar de San Juan.
FORMMA MuseumPottery Museum in Alcazar de San Juan.
Wine and wineyards in La Mancha Region.Visit to the largest wineries in Europe in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real)
Visit to a traditional workshop forge, pottery and crafts.Live demonstration of the process of wrought iron
Cheeses Designation of Origin La Mancha.Elaboration Process of one of the best cheeses in the world.
Visit to a typical candy factory craftsmen in La ManchaTo know the process of artisan elaboration and enjoy the sweet flavors of La Mancha. Highly valued in Spain
Visit a handcrafted brewing factoryImpressive cultural visit to know the ingredients and process of developing of the most peculiar craft beer in Spain: La Salvaje


Venamicasa invites you to experience the extraordinary and entire process of the best saffron in the world, only grown, produced, manufactured and packed in their place of origin: La Mancha.